How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Pour a fresh morning cup of coffee

Edited by: Jade Williams

Perhaps the one thing that makes early mornings bearable, is the sip and aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. Steam rising from the cup, the flavorful taste, and a favorite pastry to go along with it. The morning coffee routine is one enjoyed by millions - and a great cup of coffee can turn the dreariest of days into one to look forward to. 

Nevertheless, we may find ourselves pondering over how we can make our morning coffee even more delightful. 

Of course, using a coffeemaker is simple, but is there anything that can be done to make the most out of our favorite morning beverage? How can we make our favorite cup of joe the best cup it can be? 

The good news is that the perfect cup of coffee is not made by accident. In fact, it is a lot simpler than you think. 

You can make a “meh” cup of coffee into a perfect cup using simple techniques like cleaning your coffee maker properly and storing your beans correctly. The following suggestions are what I use for my coffee while using the classic 12-cup drip coffeemaker. 


The perfect coffee starts with a clean coffeemaker.

Coffee contains oils and these can negatively affect the taste of your morning joe. Therefore, to make sure these old coffee oils are removed from your coffeemaker, you want to use a vinegar cleanse

This is performed by filling the reservoir in your coffeemaker to the 2-cup mark with plain white vinegar and filling to the 4-cup mark with plain water. Then, running your coffeemaker through a brew cycle. Do this twice with the vinegar and water for the best cleanse. 

Next, fill the reservoir with plain water and brew through twice. This guarantees that you are rinsing the brew basket and pot properly. 

My suggestion would be to use the vinegar cleanse once a month, but you will want to do a light wash of your coffee pot and brew basket after each use.

Now, there are products on the market as well for cleaning coffeemakers, but please be sure to follow any manufacturer's recommendations for your machine – and when in doubt know that this vinegar rinse is sure to get you the cleanse you are looking for. 


Consider how you are storing your beans. 

It’s easy to buy your favorite bag of coffee at your local market and throw it in the cabinet to sit idly by until you are ready to make your next cup. However, did you know that how you store your coffee could be affecting the taste and aroma you get? 

If you are looking for the best quality cup, buying whole beans is the way to go, but not everyone can afford the luxury of a coffee grinder or the time it takes to grind the beans. 

So, whether you have ground or whole bean coffee be sure you are keeping it at room temperature in air-tight containers. If your coffee came in a paper bag consider moving it into a plastic or glass container that can protect the freshness and taste. 

Now that you have a clean pot and fresh beans, you are ready to brew a fantastic cup of coffee. 


The perfect brew is within your reach.

When brewing your coffee, use filtered water and measure approximately 1.5 tablespoons for every cup on your coffeemaker. For example, if you are brewing a 4-cup pot of coffee, then you will use 6 tablespoons of ground coffee (4-cup x 1.5). 

You can always use more or less coffee and/or water, but you can also experiment with this ratio if you desire a different strength. Filtered water is recommended because the chemicals used in tap water can affect the taste of your coffee. Coffee is nearly 99% water – great coffee demands fantastic water. 

If you find that purchasing filtered water becomes pricey, then you can purchase a water filtration system. However, not all filtration systems are created equally, so be sure to do your research!


For many, coffee is truly happiness in a cup. Using these techniques, I insist you start experimenting with your morning brew. I guarantee it will lead you to your “just right” – dare I say PERFECT – cup of coffee. 

 The perfect cup of coffee

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