How to Make The Best Iced Coffee (For Any Occasion)

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As a concerned coffee lover, I want to be real with you - never pay $4.00+ for a glass of iced coffee ever again! Now that I got that out of the way, I'm going to share with you how you can average less than $1.00 per cup for far better quality iced coffee that is easy to make. The thing I like most about iced coffee is that it can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time during the year. Whether a hot summer day on the deck or cold winter day by the fireplace, iced coffee is one of those drinks without limitation. In this easy recipe, I will show you how to make the best iced coffee there is with little effort. But first… 


Iced Coffee or Cold Brew?

While cold brew is a type of iced coffee since it's served over ice, all iced coffees are not cold brewed. Iced coffee is prepared by brewing hot coffee and then pouring it over ice. On the other hand, cold brew is prepared by soaking coffee grounds in cold water over an extended period of time (roughly 12-24 hours). Due to the brewing process, cold brews are usually less acidic and less bitter than hot brewed coffee. Iced coffee can have a weaker, watered-down taste due to the hot coffee being poured over ice. However, you can reduce the watered-down effect by letting your hot coffee cool to room temperature before pouring it over ice. Cold brew has a milder, smoother taste and tends to have more caffeine since the ratio of water to beans is higher. If you want to enjoy a refreshing cold coffee but need something less acidic, then cold brew might be for you.


However, iced coffee does have this leg up on cold brew: iced coffee is more flavorful and easier to make. Hot brewing coffee extracts more flavor than the cold brewing process. Additionally, since cold brew requires an extended period of time, iced coffee is quicker to make. So which should you go with? It is my view that both options are good choices. Since cold brew is less acidic than hot brewed coffee, it may prove easier on the stomach if you have such issues. If you are interested in cold brew coffee instead, check out my blog French Press Cold Brew here. However, if you want more flavor, don’t have gastrointestinal concerns, and need a quicker refreshment then go for the following iced coffee recipe.


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Iced Coffee For Any Occasion


  • 6 cups of cold, filtered water
  • 1 ¼ cup (110g) of ground Apricitas African Espresso Blend
  • 1 quart of ice
  • Your choice of milk
  • Sweetener (to taste)



  1. Fill the reservoir of your coffeemaker to the 6-cup mark with cold, filtered water
  2. Brew 1 ¼ cups (110g) of medium ground Apricitas African Espresso Blend
  3. Allow your brewed coffee to cool to room temperature.
  4. Fill a half gallon pitcher with ice, then pour the coffee over it.
  5. Chill for several hours.
  6. Fill your glass with 2/3 ice, half iced coffee concentrate, and the other half with milk.
  7. Sweeten to taste and savor your refreshing glass of iced coffee!

 Yields approximately 2 quarts

 refreshing glass of iced coffee

Best Practices

For best results, purchase your coffee whole bean, grind at home and consume your iced coffee within 5 days. Purchasing whole beans preserves your coffee’s freshness for longer since coffee will degrade quicker once it’s ground. Furthermore, since this iced coffee is preservative free (which ultimately makes it better), you will want to consume it sooner. Not to worry though because I’m confident once you and your friends taste this it won’t last 5 days!

Dark roasts usually work best for iced coffee, whereas light roasts work well for pour over coffees. Whichever coffee brand you use, make sure your beans are fresh, same-day-roasted for better results. Our Cold Brew Blend also makes great iced coffee. Grind your beans for drip coffee maker instead of French press ground.

So are you ready for the most amazing iced coffee there is? Then give this one a try and let us know what you think. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for coffee tips, recipes, and other coffee-related content.


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