About Us

Fresh Coffee Roasting

Mission Statement:  Coffee is our passion and we strive to provide apricitas (sunshine) with every cup!


Welcome to the Apricitas Coffee Co. Apricitas (a-pree-chee-tas), Latin for ‘sunshine’, represents our core objective - to bring brightness and joy to our coffee-loving community. We are an online only specialty-grade coffee retailer providing only the finest roast-to-order, gourmet coffees.
The thing with most store-bought coffees is that they are roasted in mass quantities, use lower grade beans, then stored on a shelf for months before it even reaches your cup. This often means coffee that is not of the highest quality that it could be. Our coffees on the other hand are roasted the very day you order it, then shipped right to you. This means you receive the freshest, most satisfying cup of coffee possible. Furthermore, only the best quality beans are used (because that's what you deserve) and we source and ethically trade coffees from around the world. "Apricitas" means giving you brightness through superior, flavorful, and deeply aromatic coffee!
-Alvin R. Cureton, Jr.-Founder & CEO

About the Owner

Hi, so happy you’re here. I’m Alvin, the owner and founder of Apricitas Coffee Co. My love of coffee began during my teenage years. The smell, flavor, and variety of coffee has been a thing for me for a very long time. I spent 8 of my post high school years working in bakeries, cafes, including well-known coffee shops, while earning my Associates Degree in business. Over the past decade, though, I settled down in a career on the business side of healthcare as a medical coder. Working in the direct and indirect patient care side of healthcare has allowed me the opportunity to work with and meet many great people.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting in early 2020, all aspects of healthcare (including my area of medical coding) were affected. I began Apricitas Coffee during this time as, not just a side business, but also as way to use my love of coffee to bring joy, and brightness in a time of much change and sadness. I'm of the view that great coffee is a way for those of like mind to enjoy each others company. Therefore, Apricitas is about community through coffee. Additionally, I enjoy faith, family, friends, along with my wife and 2 cats. So again, thank you for stopping by and we look forward to serving you soon!

Kind Regards,

Alvin R. Cureton, Jr.-Founder & CEO